Tom Deacon at Piccadilly London Comedy Club

I was surprised to find myself in the Comedy Pub, a great place to see comedy but still a pub, to see a name like Tom Deacon (I’ve heard him on the radio for goodness’ sake!). Surely he should be playing large theatres!
Deacon didn’t seem to mind though; in fact the modest surroundings appeared to lend themselves well to his ‘regular guy’ kind of humour. Indeed, from the get go he was in crowd making small talk… where are you from? What do you? Though hardly original, Deacon’s comfort on stage and ease with the crowd did tease out a good few laughs.

In fact, this placidity defined his set as a whole. Moving on from his warm-up forays into the audience, Deacon didn’t waste any time in getting going on the funnies. The centrepiece of tonight’s set took the form of Deacon’s quest to complete… wait for it… a sticker book! In his laid-back melodic rasps, we were indulged in a tragic story of a boy unable to finish a sticker collection, and how, now a grown man, he would conquer his childhood hobby. It was such moronically relatable material, delivered in the style of a guy who’d lost all sense of cool that he may as well be candid about his man-child lifestyle. The jokes were thick and fast, even with this seemingly innocuous topic.

Satisfying from start to finish and thoroughly enjoyable too. The laughs are consistent, and Tom Deacon himself is a master of his own material, knowing exactly how to turn his inane ramblings into a stand-up routine. Go and enjoy him for what he is – a really good comedian.