Profile On… Eshaan Akbar

For a comedian who has only just done 100 gigs, Eshaan Akbar is a very accomplished act. In comedy terms, that makes him very new, a baby by stage terms. But he has the confidence, style and (most importantly) the jokes of someone far more experienced.
With spades of stage presence and a very quick wit capable of handling even the harshest of hecklers, Akbar sends himself up by deconstructing his own life and wringing laughs from his ethnicity, deafness and family life.
I first saw him towards the end of last year while judging the final of the Laughing Horse New Act Of The Year competition. He was good then, and very unlucky not to be placed in the top three (he got a “Special Mention”, comedy speak for just missing out in fourth place…). But his delivery and writing has already started maturing since then. The future for this excellent mew comedian really is bright. He has the drive and the talent. He ticks a lot of boxes, including the funny one.
I though it would be a good time to catch up with him and say hi. Hi Eshaan…

Where are you at this moment, and is it nice? 
In my living room and it is nice; it’s my home!


What made you first want to perform comedy? 
Wanting to be better than everyone I know. And not running the risk of getting sacked from my job for “always trying to be funny”


What do you do outside of performing stand up comedy? 
At the moment, work in an office. Yeah…I’m that guy


Describe your comedy using only the titles of songs & films that you like…
This is tough. Songs: Mundian To Bach Ke (Punjabi MC) meets “God Save The Queen”. Films: Four Lions meets Anchorman meets Borat: Cultural Learnings from America for make benefit glorious nation Kazakhstan (it probably doesn’t but I love those films)


What are your favourite comedy clubs (remember who’s asking this)? 
Piccadilly Comedy Club London. No other comes close. (Except The Comedy Store. Which is very close). Learned my craft on the We Are Funny Project stages and my own night, Big Nose Comedy in Kilburn..


What’s your best party trick? 
I can dance Bollywood and salsa. And pull the corner of my lip with an imaginary string.


Describe your best and worst gigs? 
Every gig is my best gig – living the comedy dream (*puke*). Worst gig: In the annexe of a mosque at a fundraiser; they didn’t take too kindly to my solution for the Israel-Palestine crisis.


What is your biggest ambition? 
To improve my credit rating.


What would you cook us if you invited us to yours for dinner? 
A Mexican and South Asian inspired menu. No, not burrito curry you flippin’….


What have you got planned for the rest of the day? 
Get some “work” done and then off to perform at 2 gigs tonight.


You can next see Eshaan at Piccadilly Comedy Club London this Saturday (25 April), then Friday 3 & Saturday 4 July and Friday 7 & Saturday 8 August. You can buy tickets HERE

More on Eshaan? Check out his website HERE